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Welcome to our webpage.


 Hello from Hungary, Zirc. We are in a common project with Romania. Our project is called: "Europe closer to our Heart."


Kép In this project we are going to introduce our lifestyle and school life in our teens  in Hungary to the  Romanian partner children and to everyone on the internet who is interested in.


We'll show our town and sights,our school and subjects,show everything we like and dislike and we are also interested in Romanian partners' life.


We'll make interviews with pupils about their tastes in fashion,about our plans and dreams,about us ourselves.


Look at our  photo albums and enjoy them.


You can add remarks and please really do but only in English and in a polite way as the webpage can be read all over the Net.

The project is supported by Erste Foundation, Aces Organization. At this time we would like to say thank you for their help.