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Hello, everybody. We are from Zirc, Hungary.Our project is about our town and our school in the year of 2008/09.We are in clases from 5 to 8.we are pupils from ten to 14 ages.




Our names are in the order of  the photo from the left to the right:


1 I am the boy with fair hair:Richárd Nagy :standing next to the bench,in class 6C I like English


2 My name is Csenge Teszéri,the girl standing behind and wearing red and white stiped sweatshirt,class 6C


3 Hellom my name's Eszter Bagyura,I've got with long brown hair,from class 7C


4 Iam Kitti Németh from class 6C Iam wawing my hands and I like English very much


5 My name's Imola Vásárhelyi from class 8C with long brown hair.I have romanian origin,my relatives live in Transdanubia!!!So double hello for you!


6 Iam Gitta Schvéger with blond hair,Iam in class 6C


7 Hello,my name's Dóri,from class 6C with long blond hair and Iam sitting on the bench right next to ricsi


8 Iam Rebeka Kiss,classs C, I have a little sister ,she is just 2 now


9 My name is János,but my nick name is Janó Iam in class 6Cand I like wearing baseballcaps and doing the project


10 Hello my name is Victoria György,I'm in class 8C Ilove doing this project and Iam said to be good at it


11  Hello, my name is Attila Nagy,class 8C,I was in Salzburg with our teacher to start this project


12 Hello,Iam Gergő Szilágyi,clas 6C,Iam standing on the other side of the bench I like films and computer things. Iam having a camera around my neck. We are more of us in the project but they are busy now,they will be in the photo later.

Hello again and nice to meet you all in Romania!!!


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