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We like hot and spicy food in Hungary.Main herbs are :hot paprika,pepper,garlic and onion.

Our national dishes are :Chicken paprikash,Hortobágy pancake,Pork stew, Goulash soup Szeged fish soup and stuffed cabbage.We often have also fried pork in bread crumbs when we have birthdays,namedays and simple family occasions.If you want to know how to make chicken paprika(my favourite food),look at this website!you will see a cook while he is making it .enjoy it and then make it.then add a comment how it was   write in for search:chicken paprika in Hungary.

My favourite sweets is pancake with jam or cocoa.I can eat 20 or 25 rolls at a time,it is so delicious.Here is the recipe how I make it :You need half a kilo of flour,an egg and three quarters litres of water (in english:approx.8 cups),some sugar, a pinch of salt and half a cup of oil.Mix them and leave it for 10 minutes.Then you take a frying pan with a spoon of oil and heat it. Fry one laddle of mixture in it then ad some jam or lots of cocoa,serve it hot.My trick: not to put much sugaar in to the mixture but much more when it it ready.Have it and enjoy it.




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