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Halloween Party in our school


Hello,our names are Ármin Kovács and Milán Benczik.Our project is reporting about how we celebrated  Halloween Party in our school.

It was the second time we have  celebrated  Halloween this year.Last year we started and it was really fun,so we decided to organize it with our english teachers this year again.It comes from the American culture but enjoyable for everyone who learns English.

At this time we wear mascaras and costumes,sing and recite poems,draw pictures and the little children colour pictures .We also play lots of games ,dance and drink english tea .Our teachers bake typical english and american cake and the biggest attraction of the event is when we carve pumkins!

After carving we put candles in to them and sing Halloween songs ..we have super time really,together.Look at our photos and enjoy them in Romania,too.

Next time we send you some Halloween games to play.


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