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Online meeting with Romania


24.11.2008, from 14.30 (hungarian time zone)-to 15.00


As  we planned we had a "flash" meeting with Romania on the internet and it was a nice experience.We forgot about the difference of the time zone,that is why we could meet later as we planned but finally it was succesful.


At first we had a picture of the romanian group for some minutes but later on we lost the picture contact .No problem,we could have a good chat by writing.Everyone introduced each other from the partner countries.


We talked about hobbies and our tasks in the project,sang a song and we  teachers also discussed the things .Well,we have to learn the technics, but these projects are  the best opportunities to do that.


Ibolya kozma


children remarks:


1  "This was the firs time I have talked to someone on the net.I will download the skype for me too."(Gergő)


2 "It was good to meet them,but next time that would be lovely to see them as well"(Imola)


3  "Well,I must say,teachers in Hungary are good at computer and usually clever at things but we ourselves,children  were much better at technical things.(it was us to help them  with  having  connection and install the wires! Who understands it?)" (noname)


4  "When are we going to have them next ,Miss?"(Rebeka)




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