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Starting the new school year


1 Hello,my name's Bálint Fábián.Iam in class project is about starting the new school year of 2008/09.Look at my photos.


Kép Wow!School again!!! Some of us are happy,some of us are not to start a new school year.I myself is happy because it means not only studying but meeting friends and classmates as well after a long summer holiday.We change experiences,show our photos and tell lots of funny stories about our holiday.


2  When we start a new school year we have a special this time children wear they special costumes:girls wear white blouses and  skirts,boys wear white shirts and black trousers.Neckties ribbons are also possible.We usually wear these clothes when we have other school holidays,but these are not required to wear every day.We sing our national hymn and recite verses.This is the way how we usually celebrate this event.


3  Our headmaster gives a speech how about the tasks and requirements in the new school year,how we should learn (ugh!) .He tries to motivate us ,in some cases it is succesful.


4  This year the least ones,the  would-be  first class pupils also were greeted by the headmaster and the teachers.In this photo they are given a big-big pencil to start their new studies succesfully in the first class in their new school.They were very happy.It is a big thing in their life.


5 Do you wear a school uniform in Romania?How do you usually start the new school year?


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