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What to see in our Town


Hello,our names are  Eszter Cserepes ,Rebeka Kiss,Imola Vásárhelyi and Gitta Schvéger.  Our project is about sights in Zirc.There are a lot of things to see in our town.We would like to show you our famous Botanical garden.

There are are nice flowers, special bushes and very tall trees in this garden.Visitors can take long walks through out the park along the beautiful and crooked paths.They can have fresh air and some rest as well.There is a more than a hundred-year-old tree in this Botanical Garden.It is an oak tree and approximatelly seven children (as you see ) necessary to put their arms around it.

You can also see a romantic  rest house and a  playground for children in the park.

 There is a beautiful pond hidden in the trees  in our wonderful  Botanical Garden.In every season  you can see lots of nice flowers here as well.It is worth visiting.

Have you got parks and famous museums in your town in Bacoi?


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