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About our school


Hello, everybody,in Romania!Our names are Virginia Klesitz and Krisztina Valler.Our project is about our school,subjects and lessons.


Kép We are in class 8.c (we are 14)It is a class specialized in English and IT. Our school is big. It contains three buildings in it.There are about 600 students in the school. There are lots of teachers, about 60. They are understanding, helpful and strict. They make the subjects clear for us. We don’t have to wear a school uniform. We wear jeans, trainers, T-shirt, skirt. The girls are allowed to wear jewellery. We normally arrive at school by quarter to eight or eight o’clock. Sometimes we arrive at seven o’clock because we have extra lessons in the mornings. It is sometimes exhausting. We have to stand up when a teacher comes in to the classroom. We mustn’t chew chewing gum during the lessons. We must stay in the school yard  during the first break but then w can stay in the classroom every break times. We usually revise our homework, talk to friends or eat a sandwich. We can bring mobile phones to school but we don’t use them on the lesson,it is prohibited.


Yo can see more information in the photo galery.


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