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Hungarian national dishes


We normally start school at 8 o'clock.sometimes I have breakfast at quarter past seven sometimes not.If I have something it is a glass of tea or cocoa with a slice of bread and butter.

I always take a sandwich with me to school for elevenses .we call it  : "ten o'clock food" as we have it at about ten in the longest brake.

I have lunch at school in the canteen .Mum works and grandma is also busy to cook.But if my grandma is at home and she is free I am always invited for lunch to her.Canteen food is not very good, mum cooks much better.Lots of pasta,vegetable sauces, little meat and vegetables,sometimes fruit, forgetable.the only food they make good is chicken paprika with noodles.

In the evenings all the family is at home and we have dinner together.Mum often cooks a good meal, it is cheaper and more delicious.We usually have a hot meal in the evenings,too as we have a vegertable garden and it is useful for cooking hommade dishes.

If mum is busy with work in the evening,my dad serves the meal what mum made a day before or he makes a scrambled eggs.It is also ok.

How about your meals in Romania?




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